Never Been In Before? Why You Should

Because we specialize, we are able to keep a considerable parts inventory, which reduces the time your car will be in our shop.

Perhaps the greatest overall benefit of having your Saab serviced by us, as opposed to a general car repair shop, is that we are familiar with the repairs. Therefore, we know the cost of the repair, likely have the parts on hand, and can give you a very accurate estimate of the total cost of the repairs.

You can leave your Saab in our shop knowing that we will never escalate the cost to you by doing repairs that you do not directly authorize. If we cannot reach you to authorize a repair, then we simply will not do it; regardless of how urgent we feel it may be.

Although Saab vehicles will be on the road for many years to come we have now decided that we should begin to book in other brands of vehicles as well as Saabs. These vehicles will receive the same care and attention to detail from us that Saabs always have.

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