Why Subaru now?

Saabs are becoming less common on our roads now because of course production has ceased. We need another car brand to keep us busy and the choice is obvious, SUBARU!

Saab have a model called the 9-2X . This vehicle is basically a thinly disguised Subaru with a Saab emblem on the hood. We have been servicing the 9-2X for quite a few years now and have gained valuable experience working on these vehicles.  We now feel very comfortable working on these Saabaru's to the point that we can can now expand to offer our service to Vancouver Subaru owners,  We want to bring our high standards of quality repairs and servicing to Subaru owners as we have done for over thirty years for the Saab community. 

Swedish Autosport Inc. - Repair, Service and Parts Exclusively For SAABs.
telephone: (604) 253-3119 info@swedauto.bc.ca
2059 Clark Drive, Vancouver, BC V5N 3G6
Subaru Service Vancouver