Our Guarantee To You

We guarantee our repairs for 12 months, unlimited mileage, except for some exclusions, such as: if used parts are used in the repair, if the repair is not full and proper, due to re-installing worn parts at the owner's request.

When you leave your Saab with us for service or repair, we may phone you to tell you that we have found a problem with your car that you were unaware of. At some service shops that can be quite intimidating as the service advisor tries to sell you work that you didn't realize you needed.

At our shop, there are no high pressure sales tactics; we will be delighted to have you come in so that we can show you the problem that we have found. If you want to proceed with the repair, that's fine by us; if you want to leave it for now, that's ok too.

It's your car, you decide what repairs are done to it, not us.

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